Target groups


Students will participate in onsite seminars and e-courses. In the case of open seminars, we will use university newsletters, internal mailing, websites and social media to share the information and motivate students. In the case of e-courses, the offer will be sent directly to the students with higher years of study. On average, 50 students will participate from each applicant/partner university. The courses will also be used after the end of the project, increasing the number of students.


The lecturer will participate in online seminars and use project products (textbook, e-course, and other materials). In the case of the online seminars, we plan that at least ten lecturers from applicant/partner universities will participate in each seminar. Additionally, we will use newsletters, social media and mailing lists to share the information with other universities and increase the number of participants. The same methods will be used to share other products.


The enterprises participating in the study will be chosen with the help of industry and alumni associations, newsletters, mailing lists and social media (at least 30 enterprises). The report and other project products, as well as the information about open onsite seminars, will be spread the same way (at least ten representatives of enterprises present at each onsite seminar).

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