10. Lectures delivered by partners

Quality 4.0 requires technical and managerial competencies. Therefore, it is difficult for the technical or economic university to deliver all the necessary competencies. The exchange program will help students improve their lacking competencies. The lectures will be conducted on current topics within the framework of the latest knowledge in the field of Quality 4.0, enriched with practical examples of problem areas existing in practice. Each partner will give a presentation from the perspective of the current state of Quality 4.0 in their country of origin. Each lecture will last two hours, during which there will be space for discussion with the students. The lectures will aim to spread awareness of Quality 4.0 as a motivating element for the information and subsequent implementation of micro-projects. Each lecture will contain a micro-workshop to improve the competences of students and lecturers on Quality 4.0. A virtual meeting is not enough in the case of the lectures. Networking and face-to-face meeting are necessary.