Long-term results


Part of the project is online and onsite open seminars. They will allow the dissemination of the results of the projects. Participants will come from other universities, enterprises and local government organizations. The network of universities and lectures and the exchange program will be continued using other funds, e.g. Erasmus+ or CEEPUS programs.


A textbook and website (outputs of the project) will be publicly available after the project's end. Other universities, students and enterprises can use them to learn about Quality 4.0. The results of the research will be published in an open-access scientific journal. The project results will be disseminated using publications in higher education journals and presentations at conferences and seminars. It is essential to popularize the idea of Quality 4.0 and modern ways of teaching new competencies.

E-courses and teaching methods

Parts of e-courses and some teaching methods will be made available to other universities. Based on experiences from this project, we plan to use other funds to extend the number of cross-functional courses. New areas will be included, apart from technical and managerial competencies.

Changes in curricula

Changing university curricula is a long process, which cannot be finished within 18 months of the project. Implementing new courses to the university curricula will start during the project. We will be able to decrease the gap between what students know vs what they should know. 


The promotion will be performed using Facebook, Linkedin and other social media, newsletter and mailing
lists. All those promotion channels are currently available (university profiles on social media, newsletters, mailing lists); however, new ones will also be created for this project. The team can communicate with enterprises via professional associations and alumni associations. Promotion among students will use newsletters, direct communication and e-courses.

Images: Tumisu and Pexels, Pixabay.com