3. Textbook

Currently, there is only a limited number of publications on Quality 4.0. Existing publications are primarily scientific articles with limited use in education. These publications do not comprehensively present the concept of Quality 4.0, but focus on analyzing a selected specific problem. This makes education in this field challenging. There is a need to prepare an educational publication of widely available textbook that students and lecturers will use. The text will be written ( in English) in a way that suits the educational needs. The book will take into account the results of 

  • literature review, 
  • evaluation of competence needs in the enterprises, 
  • evaluation of the current state of education on Quality 4.0 and 
  • study visits in the enterprises (in the form of a case study). 

The main chapters of the book are: 

  1. Modern challenges of quality management, 
  2. Assumptions of Quality 4.0, 
  3. Implementation of Quality 4.0 in the organization, 
  4. Tools of Quality 4.0. 

The textbook will be published online.

Image: li_foot_, Pixabay.com