9. Micro-projects by student

Micro-projects are sets of tasks to be performed by teams of students consisting of representatives from each partner university. Each team will have 6 members, 2 from each university. The tasks will be related to Quality 4.0. The micro-projects will lead to the improvement of students' competencies in quality management, international cooperation, language skills, and virtual team management. They will also develop skills in using information and communication technologies in professional situations (MS Teams). The duration of the micro-projects will be 10 weeks during one semester. After the introduction of the participants, a team-building session will take place, followed by an introductory discussion on the assigned project topics. The project preparation will take creating a PowerPoint presentation/video. Online meetings will be held between students and tutors to discuss possible professional ideas and issues arising from cross-cultural differences. Students will also set their deadlines for working in teams. The results of the projects will be presented and discussed during the online meeting of the project team with students (seminar). The students' micro-projects will be carried out exclusively online, saving costs and the environment. All the communication will be done using online tools.