8. Seminars

Onsite seminars allow an exchange of knowledge and experiences. Therefore, they can help lecturers, enterprises and students to improve their competencies. Two seminars are planned. One at the beginning of the project and the second at the end. The former will gather knowledge and experience from experts from enterprises, government and universities. The latter will additionally serve to promote other results of the project. Each seminar will last approx. 8h and will consist of multiple presentations and discussion panels. Presenters will come from enterprises, government and universities (approx. evenly spread). The criteria for choosing speakers will be experienced in Quality 4.0 in different industries and different countries. They will come from all participating countries (Czechia, Poland and Slovakia). Each speaker will deliver a 30-40 minute presentation. After the presentation, there will be time for discussion. The seminars will be held at the universities. The seminars will be recorded. The recordings will be published on the project website. A virtual meeting is not enough in the case of the seminars. Networking and a face-to-face meeting are necessary.

The first seminar in Krakow, May 30th 2023

Image: Nikolay Georgiev, Pixabay.com